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We would like to share some of the comments we received from Seminar and Empowerment Group participants.

  • "Thank you for all that you did for me and the other ladies. We are stronger women and better moms because of what you taught us. I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

  • "This program met and surpassed my expectations. I learned so much and feel stronger than when I started. Love the purpose and intention of this group. Excellent job, Linda!"

  • "The Oasis Group was the perfect bridge between beating myself up for what happened in the breakdown of my 26 yr. marriage, to where I wanted to be for building a future for myself and for the health of my children, as they become adults with their own relationships. Linda brought depth and wisdom to the experience and I left with more self-confidence, as well as fantastic written materials/exercises, that I still use today... nearly nine months later!."

  • "Having my feelings validated and put into words was very helpful. It was helpful
    to be able to read about the things I'm going through."

  • "Very, very helpful. I looked forward to coming to my women's group all week.
    I liked the positive approach to dealing with a difficult time, the focus on making
    changes and meeting other women."

  • " I liked the program because it provided relevant material and was presented
    in a beautiful setting".

  • "This program was different than any other program for divorce recovery I
    have done. I have learned and grown through Oasis and am much stronger
    as an individual. "

  • "I really enjoyed the music, lighting and relaxation before each meeting.
    That was the only time all week I was allowed to just breathe!"

  • "The information I received at this seminar helped me to understand things
    so much better. As a result, I am less fearful and more forward focused."

  • "Exploring, examining, and understanding the process one goes through during
    divorce was helpful. It helped me to further understand the feelings and emotions
    that filled my existence. I feel less alone."

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