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Empowerment Groups For Women

"Creating the Life You Deserve"
Re-identify, Re-energize and Re-discover Yourself

Seven Week Empowermernt Group

"Creating The Life You Deserve" is a seven week Empowerment Group which focuses on the positive. We truly believe that you will not only "survive" divorce, but that you can learn to "thrive" after divorce. The energy created by the group is the fuel to help move you forward.

The 7 week Empowerment Group is normally conducted two times a year; once in the fall and the other in the spring. I cannot give exact start dates for the Group because I need at least 5 participants for the best group dynamic. As soon as I receive 5 commitments (that means a deposit), we can set a start date for the Group. If you would like to participate in the Group, please call or send an e-mail with your name and contact information. I will add your name to the list and make sure to contact you. I am more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

All groups are kept small (5-7 women) to provide ample time for sharing of ideas, feelings and life experiences. This is an opportunity to discover new ideas and approaches, receive support and encouragement, gain valuable information and discuss topics that relate to every day issues and challenges. Topics include Learning to Accept and Embrace Change; Self-Esteem; Assertive Communication; Setting Personal Boundaries; Time Management; Setting Goals and Creating Action Plans. Hundreds of women have found this group to be very beneficial. You will too !!!

As a member of this support group, you will:

F ind support from other women
U nderstand issues of grief, loss and recovery
T ailor a plan for self-care
U ncover opportunities for growth and change
R eceive valuable information
E mphasize your personal strengths


These Empowerment graduates now understand Linda's common refrain...
"It isn't just about surviving the divorce... but thriving after the divorce."

See Testimonial Page for comments from Group Participants.

To learn more about the benefits of divorce support groups, please download.
"Divorce Support Groups: Numerous Benefits"

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