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Divorce Coaching For Men & Women

As a divorce coach, Linda works individually with men and women dealing with the challenge of divorce. Her coaching practice is based on an educational model that helps clients to learn. It is not clinical in nature, as therapy and counseling. Coaching provides a directive approach that offers structure and holds clients responsible for assuming a pro-active role. As your coach, Linda will guide, support and encourage you to:

  • Set realistic expectations for the process
  • Clarify the issues and your values
  • Choose the option that will best suit your needs and specific situation:
    litigation, mediation or collaborative divorce
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Identify goals for the process and post-divorce
  • Set action plans to achieve your goals
  • Reality test various options in order to make wise decisions
  • Maintain balance in your life and focus on self-care
  • Learn effective communication skills to avoid negativity and unproductive interchange
  • Take a pro-active role in your case and know what to ask your attorney
  • Seek other professional services/resources when needed

Divorce is a life altering change and an emotionally laden time. In spite of the myriad of emotions, you will be called upon to make vital decisions that will impact the rest of your life. As your divorce coach, Linda will guide you through this time of turmoil and change so you can make wise decisions and emerge with a plan for a positive future, as an individual and co-parent.

  • "First, I was impressed with your follow through! You were always on top of the issues and provided incredible support through your follow up calls. I also appreciated your facilitating communication with my wife's coach. Overall, I appreciated your support through tough times."
    - John

  • "You have helped me so much during this process. It is not just the fact that you were a good sounding board, but it is also the fact that you made me more aware of how to control my emotions instead of letting them control me. I have taken much of what you have told me to heart and I am earnestly putting them into practice."
    - Patti

  • "I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through the divorce without a coach. Linda helped put together our Joint Parenting Agreement and helped me stay focused so the other issues would not cloud our parenting agreements. She was always available with sound advice to help me through difficult spots. She saw my lowest point but always encouraged and supported me and helped me realize that I wasn't alone. I cannot speak highly enough of Linda's work during the divorce process."
    - Maria

To learn more about divorce coaching, please download "Why Do I Need A Divorce Coach?"

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Linda meets with her clients at a convenient Oak Brook location directly across from Oak Brook Mall.

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