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The Oasis Experience, Inc.® Seminars
Providing Divorce Support for Women

2019 Spring Seminars may include:
Dates/Location and Speakers to be announced.

"Surviving the Storm: Children and Divorce"

Divorce affects children of all ages. They too grieve the loss of their family, as they knew it. As you deal with your own struggles, you must handle the children's issues as well. Learn how to do this effectively. Psychotherapist/Child Specialist will discuss:

  • Changes in the family structure
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Effects of divorce on children of different ages and stages (including adult children)
  • Learning to co-parent effectively
  • Being a role model for your children

"Everything Financial: Realities of Divorce"

Perhaps you have NOT had an active or equal role in managing the family finances. Maybe you are not as well informed as you should be, in order to make sound business decisions. This seminar will address the importance of facing financial realities and taking control of your personal financial matters. Planning for your long term stability is of utmost concern before, during and after divorce. If you are contemplating divorce or in the process, this is a must attend event. Certified Financial Professionals will cover topics:

  • Spousal support, child support, and division of marital property
  • Factors that affect your divorce: debt, budget, and cash flow
  • How retirement accounts and pensions factor into divorce
  • How to assess if you will be able to live comfortably after your divorce

"More Than I Can Handle"

Maintaining a happy relationship/marriage isn't easy. Changes and challenges become part of life. But sometimes we reach a point when those challenges are "more than we can handle". Anxiety issues, personality disorders, addictions and codependency can adversely affect a marriage and the entire family. Mental Health/Addiction Professionals will address:

  • The correlation with divorce and addictions
  • How addictions impact marriages
  • Substance use disorders and various process addictions
  • "Addictive Personality" types

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